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BI Strategy Definition


After executive leaders have defined corporate goals and objectives, decision-i can assist with the derivation of key metrics and performance indicators that can be used to manage the execution of initiatives designed to achieve those corporate goals. decision-i would help your company to define these at both enterprise and business unit levels, with a coherent focus on achieving overall organization objectives.
The output of a decision-i BI Strategy Definition exercise would include

  • Strategic BI objectives (Define BI as an enabling capability with a competitive edge for your organization)

  • BI Architecture (Create blue print  for achieving the strategic BI objectives) 

  • Change Management  Program (Instil a performance management oriented culture that uses business intelligence as integral part of responsibilities)

  • BI Maturity Roadmap (Plan for traversing various stages of information management  maturity process as a means of growing your organization in effective decision making)

This exercise takes as its key inputs the following:

  • Business plans/strategy
  • Current BI Capabilities
  • Business Requirements
  • Use requirements

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